Step 12. Get updates.

Steps 8-12 are part of the driver workflow. Working with dispatches is the heart of your daily activity. In this step, you receive updates on the lifecycle of the dispatch.

Once the dispatch you created in Step 10 becomes active (as it did at the end of Step 11), you can hit the /form_entries endpoint for updates on the lifecycle of the dispatch. Recall that a dispatch corresponds to multiple forms, and that forms are templates containing fields for a driver to fill out when arriving or departing from each dispatch location. A form entry, then, occurs when a driver fills out a form at a stop. The form_entries object contains the information that the driver has filled in.

Stay abreast of the dispatch lifecycle by querying the /form_entries endpoint.


Optionally provide a list of dispatch IDs, driver IDs, and/or vehicle IDs to filter the form entries. You can also filter the list by specifying a time window for the form entry, using the min_created_at and max_created_at date fields.

The response contains details identifying the form, the dispatch, the vehicle, the location, and of course the data that the form required the driver to input.


Learn more

Read our reference documentation for the Form Entries endpoint for details.

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