Step 8. Get the forms you can use for a dispatch.

Steps 8-12 are part of the driver workflow. Here is the heart of your daily activity: working with dispatches. In this step, retrieve the forms that a driver must fill out when arriving at or departing from a given stop on a dispatch.

A dispatch’s associated stops or tasks, such as ‘arrive shipper’ or ‘depart shipper’, are described by a series of forms. A form is a template containing fields that a driver must fill out when they arrive or depart from a stop on a dispatch. These can include a bill of lading, or details such as ‘weight’, ‘quantity’, or ‘amount received’. The forms available for you to choose from have been created by the KeepTruckin Professional Services team when we onboarded your company.


Use the GET /forms call to retrieve a list of your company’s forms. The response is a list of forms you can include in your dispatch.


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Read our reference documentation about the Forms object and the GET call to this endpoint for details.

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