Overview of /driver_performance_events

The driver performance events API returns driver performance events as reported by the data collected via the Motive ELD. Driver performance events can be of three types: Hard Acceleration, Hard Brake, and Hard Corner.

Driver performance events also carry metadata like video tags. The list of video tags available are:

["Close following",
 "Lane cutoff",
 "Unsafe lane change",
 "Near collision",
 "In progress",
 "No tag applies",
 "Seat belt violation",
 "Possible collision",
 "Camera installation issue",
 "Camera obstruction",
 "Delayed response",
 "Cell Phone Usage",
 "Type 1 & 2 invalid event",
 "Type 3 invalid event",
 "Invalid speed",
 "Stop Sign Violation",
 "Ran red light",
 "Failure to yield",
 "Railroad crossing",
 "Illegal lane usage",
 "Passing in no passing zone"]