Step 7. Communicate with your drivers.

'POST' to the messages endpoint to send location, text, or an attachment to drivers.

Messaging drivers is a frequent part of your core activities. Use our messages object to send and receive messages. You can use this feature to send location, text, or an attachment. Each message includes a read receipt relaying whether the message has been sent, delivered to the user's device, or read by the user.

Send a Message: POST

POST to the /messages API to send a message to a user in the fleet on behalf of any fleet admin. This bidirectional communication feature sends messages to the driver’s Motive app.

The sender_id is required, along with receiver_ids and body. To specify a different sender, use the X-USER-ID header, as discussed in the API Overview section

The response echoes the details of the POST call.


Learn more

Read our reference documentation about the Messages object and the POST call for details.

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