TMS Integration Workflow

Follow this workflow to synchronize your TMS with KeepTruckin, and to get maximum use of the TMS integration endpoints we have provided.

Steps 1-4: TMS Integration Setup

Motive supports bidirectional synchronization of all available entities on both platforms (users, vehicles, assets, and geofences). Begin your complete TMS integration by synchronizing all the entities in Steps 1 - 4.

You’re done with the setup portion of our workflow! In the next handful of steps, you will use the TMS core functionality for your day-to-day operations.

Steps 5-12: TMS Core Operations

Having completed setup, your system is synchronized with Motive. Now use the core functions that constitute your day-to-day operations.

Steps 5-7: Plan a dispatch. To effectively plan a dispatch, you need current information about drivers, vehicles, and assets. Motive's ELD and mobile app continuously record vehicles’ and drivers’ locations. In Steps 5-7, collect the information you need to plan the best vehicle-asset-driver combination for your dispatch.

Steps 8-12: Work with dispatches (driver workflow). This is the heart of your daily activity: creating and updating dispatches.

Steps 13-14: Maximize Efficiency

Use our platform to its full extent by leveraging our data for more context on the state of your vehicles, fuel efficiency, and driver observations.