Retrieve total hours worked per day per driver (logs/timecards)

The /time_tracking/worked_time API endpoint provides businesses with the capability to retrieve the total seconds worked per day per driver, while offering flexible filtering options and pagination parameters. This endpoint enables organizations to gather specific information based on user IDs, time tracking modes (logs or timecards), start and end dates, and pagination settings. By leveraging these filters, businesses can focus on targeted driver data for analysis. The start_date and end_date parameters allow organizations to specify a desired time range, while the pagination parameters aid in retrieving data in manageable chunks. With this API, businesses can effectively track and manage driver work hours, enabling improved productivity and streamlined operations.

  • user_ids: Return worked time for provided driver IDs. This parameter is required.
  • time_tracking_mode: Filters the response by time tracking mode (e.g., logs or timecards).
  • start_date: Specifies the start date of the desired time range.
  • end_date: Specifies the end date of the desired time range.
  • pagination params: Parameters such as page number and page size to control the pagination of the API response.
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