Step 13. Get vehicle utilization reports.

Steps 13 and 14 are all about maximizing efficiency. In this step, get a utilization summary for vehicles.

Use our platform to its full extent by leveraging our data for more context on the state of your vehicles, fuel efficiency, and driver observations.

The /vehicle_utilization API returns a utilization summary for vehicles in a given date range. These summaries include the fuel used while idling and the fuel used while driving, as well as utilization percentages for the vehicle. Use this data to maximize fuel efficiency.


You can provide a list of vehicle_ids for which you want to receive a utilization summary. Additionally, you can define a time window for the utilization summary by providing a start_date and an end_date.

This call returns a collection of vehicles with their individual and aggregated driving time, idle time, driving fuel, and fuel burned idling. This can help you analyze fuel efficiency across your fleet.


Learn more

Read our our reference documentation about the Vehicle Utilization endpoint for details.

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