Overview of HOS Logs

The following set of endpoints can be used to access drivers' Hours of Service information, which includes:

  • Available time left in driver's current cycle: The available time includes cycle, shift, drive, and optionally break time remaining in driver's current cycle. The metrics are calculated on the fly so the times are accurate up to the second level.
  • Number of hours worked in last cycle days: The numbers of hours worked includes time spent in on-duty and driving statuses in the last cycle days e.g. if driver follows 60 hour 7 day US Property cycle the API will return 7 days of hours worked.
  • Hours of Service Violations The responds includes all hours of service violations of drivers' in the given time range.
  • Hours of Service logs of drivers': Each hours of service log include log form attributes, duty status changes, remarks, cycle restarts, and violations.

For an example of how to use our HOS Logs endpoints in a typical business scenario, refer to TMS Integration Workflow.