Step 6. Update or delete a load.

Update details about a load. To delete a load from the Smart Load Board, update its status to 'CANCELED'.

Make a PUT call to this endpoint to update load details.

Include the load ID in the URL. To find out the load ID:

Use Cases

Some examples of when you will find yourself using this method include:

  • Mark a load as covered on the Smart Load Board: You have received an offer (a book or a bid) on your load (as discussed in Step 7), have accepted the offer, and want to change the load status to 'STATUS_COVERED'. Our code sample in this step depicts this use case.
  • Delete a load: To delete a load from the Smart Load Board, change the load status to 'STATUS_CANCELED', 'STATUS_COVERED', 'STATUS_EXPIRED', OR 'STATUS_RESERVED'. Any of these four values prevent the load from displaying on the Smart Load Board.
  • Allow or restrict actions: You want to modify the actions you allow or restrict on the load (book_now_eligible or bid_eligible set to 'true' or 'false').
  • Modify load details: You want to modify the load weight or rate.
  • Add details: You want to add new details to the already posted load, such as an additional stop on its itinerary (add an itinerary object).
  • Other changes: You want to change or add to other details you provided when creating the load.

Field Masks

Much like when you updated a freight partner carrier, you will update load details by using field masks to map the changing data. Field masks specify the subset of fields that should be modified by the update operation. For example, for a load object containing multiple fields like this:

"load": {       
       "load_reference": "abcnostrudculpa2",
       "status": "STATUS_OPEN",
       "mode": "MODE_FTL",
       "book_now_eligible": true,
       "bid_eligible": true,
       "allowlist_only": false,
       "trailer_types": [
       "trailer_length": 12,
       "weight": 4410.794,
       "rate": 88842170,
       "currency_code": "CURRENCY_CODE_USD",
       "shipper": "Ut reprehenderit Duis nulla in"
       "commodity": "testing",
       "cargo_insurance": 123,
       "comments": "id",
       "expired_time": "1985-09-25T04:43:21.744Z",
       "freight_partner_internal_load_id": "12334",
   "update_mask": {
       "paths": [

To update the status, the allowlist_only, and the weight fields only, the update mask paths required are only for those fields: load.status, load.allowlist_only, and load.weight. This call, then, will only update the the desired fields for the load object. If you provide changed values for other fields without a corresponding update mask, the changes will not be registered in our system.

You can learn about field masks in detail in our reference article about updating a load.


Learn more

Read our reference documentation for the Freight Marketplace API's loads/{} endpoint, or about uploading loads in bulk via the loads/bulk/update endpoint.

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