Creates a document which needs to be used.

To send a document to a dispatch please do the following steps:

Step 1: Make a POST call to https://api.keeptruckin.com/v1/documents and pass the category parameter as dispatch and also pass in the dispatch_id of the relevant dispatch as a parameter.

     "doc_name": "bill of lading",
     "doc_date": "2022-06-08",
     "category": "dispatch",
     "doc_type": "pdf",
     "doc_size": 5,
     "driver_id": 123,
     "dispatch_id": 40,
     "doc_time": "2022-06-08T21:54:56.601Z"

Step 2: Upload the document using the upload_url from the response of the POST call.

Step 3: After uploading the document, make a PUT call to https://api.keeptruckin.com/v1/documents/:id and pass the upload_status parameter as completed.

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